Hydroswing® Hydraulic door replaces Bifold

Why replace a bifold hangar door with a single panel Hydroswing® Hydraulic Door System?

hydroswing hydraulic door bi fold door comparison
The red color shows the headroom lost by the Bi-Fold Door system vs how much you gain by retro fitting the Hydroswing® single panel door system.
Problem >

bifold door needs replacing

Dangerous and exposed mechanical drives
Peripheral 'contraptions'
Trip hazards at man door level
Needless building height
Weak, frame less 'slabs'
"Rodent and avian ingress can
be costly and damaging!"

Lose the cables

Lose the straps

Lose the chain drive

Lose the two uncontrolled 'slabs'

Lose the need for locking 'gadget'ers

Bifold is ungainly and unsophisticated

Hydroswing® is simple and powerful!

Reduce service cpsts & danger in the hangar

Reduce heating/cooling costs

Reduce dust & FOD

Reduce bird ingress/damage

Reduce load & wear on building

Reduce complication

bifold replaced by hydroswing before and after
Almost zero headroom lost
Clean safe power station
Pre hung strength/integrity
Zero cables/straps/cogs/counterweights
Strength of a wall
Latest generation bearings/pinpoints
Solution>Hydroswing® IS the
solution to all your door problems!

Gain significant headroom

Gain full width if desired

Gain pre hung door integrity

Gain sealability

Gain 1,000 psi of lock-down power

Gain value

Old stretched or overwound cables and straps distort the weak 'frameless' Bifold slabs
Typical example of a replaced Bifold with a Hydroswing<sup>®</sup> pre hung in its own integral frame
Knock off copy of a Bifold design, replaced  by Hydroswing<sup>®</sup> because the bottom 'slab' fell off the top slab
No more wires, cables, drums, counterweights and 100% clear opening... That's Hydroswing<sup>®</sup>

The Hydroswing® retro fits:

- Schweiss Bifold Doors (cable & strap)
- Hi-Fold Bifold Doors (cable)
- Erecta-Tube
- Welbuilt
- Aerodoor (Hi-Fold)
- Express Hi-fold (UK)
- Door Engineering
- Wilson Doors
- Home Built or Unknown
including any other brand of Bifold big or small, which has wires, straps, counterbalances, chains, pulleys, lock down devices and arms to increase clear opening.

Several Bifold Manufacturers seeing the change in market demand from their strap or cable Bi-fold doors, are offering an inferior single panel hydraulic alternative.

IF ITS NOT FROM Hydroswing®
ITS NOT A Hydroswing®
IF IT'S NOT FROM Hydroswing®
IT'S NOT A Hydroswing®

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