Take Your Shed to New Levels of Security without Losing Style
The No.1 & Original Hydraulic Door System, with over 7,000 in service worldwide.

Backyard equipment, lawn tractors, mowers and other gas powered tools and small machinery, are valuable items to both farmers and homeowners. These days, security of these items is essential.

With almost 100% "sealability," the Hydroswing® is secure is from intruders of all kinds, including rodents and birds. The photo above is from a traditional cottage in the United Kingdom. The owners had requested a design from Hydroswing® that would incorporate a small, single panel hydraulic door into their conventional oak frame "shed." They wanted to maintain headspace, keep the external "look" in addition to having the ultimate in strength with security.

As you can see from the photograph, Hydroswing® hit the target 100% and created a custom compact tractor and equipment storage shed with a remotely operated, hydraulic, single panel door. As well as highlighting the security added here, this once again demonstrates how the Hydroswing® door system has unique versatility in any environment.

Let us design a door to fit your needs. Small, medium, large or beyond, Hydroswing® has a safe and secure door for you with 70% less moving parts than a bifold.