Hydroswing® and Helicopters = Perfection
The Hydroswing® single panel hydraulic door is being chosen by offshore,
medical, police and EMS helicopter operators around the world.

Airport and facility operators, military and offshore helicopter facilities worldwide are choosing the Hydroswing® for one main reason... it works. Removal of broken or old hangar doors and replacement with Hydroswing® hangar doors means happy hangar tenants, shorter helicopter reaction times with improved overall efficiency for air ambulances (Cornwall Air Ambulance EC 135 at Newquay (EGHQ) in the United Kingdom is pictured below). Hangar heating is expensive. With a Hydroswing® replacement, there is nearly 100% sealing, thermal properties equal to the wall cladding, reduced draft and much shorter opening and closing cycle times. The result being the time to warm period is shortened and maintenance of constant heat improved.

Replacing old hangar doors with the simplicity, strength and sealability of the Hydroswing® hydraulic helicopter hangar door is a smart move for airport owners, helicopter fleet operators, air ambulance operators and Fixed Base Operators (FBO's) of all sizes. Rapid return on investment (ROI) and very low in service life maintenance costs, make Hydroswing® the affordable and simple solution for all hangar door needs. In addition to being safer than a bifold with 70% less moving parts and 100% secure compared to fabric "membrane" doors, the Hydroswing® hangar door system is designed to withstand 200MPH (in the closed position.) We provide reliability and strength along with an enhanced operating environment. Isn't it time for a new hangar door on your existing or newly designed hangar facility? Either way YOU WIN!

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