Batten down the Hatches!
Heading into Hurricane Season - You Need a Hydroswing®

It’s that time of year and Hydroswing’s® phone lines are lighting up as customers from severe weather zones begin to prepare. Customer after customer tells the tale of lesser doors on their own hangars and structures that turn to rubble, while neighbors with a Hydroswing® Door stood steady and strong.

Bits and pieces of bifold doors often lay on the ground at the end of the storm, while the one and only Hydroswing® on the property remained virtually unaffected. Today, with budgets tight, it’s more important than ever to take every precaution when protecting your precious investments. Statistics prove approximately 80 percent of hurricane wind damage initiates with wind entry through the largest opening of a structure. This means that securing that opening greatly increases the chances of the survival of that structure – and the protection of its contents.

After witnessing Hydroswing® superiority (up to 200 MPH wind loading) for themselves, many weather-wary Gulf Coast residents are trading up to Hydroswing® as well. If you’re an existing Hydroswing® customer, you can rest easy knowing that when this severe weather season is over, you and your investments will remain safe and protected behind the sturdiest, most secure door system on the market... and if you’re not... make the move to replace now, or you may regret it later.