Industrial Hydraulic Door Testimonials

"My Hydroswing has worked exactly as I had hoped and as advertised. I am extremely pleased with it. It is the best feature of my building. I have, and will continue to recommend Hydroswing Doors to other who are looking for Large access doors"
Bob Falstad, Georgetown, TX
"A work of art compared to other doors. The installation of our 42' by 14' was very straightforward. Hydroswing delivers quite a bang for your buck when comparing quality with other door manufacturers. There is simply no other choice when all things are considered. Thank you."
Phillip Zinck, Rumford, ME
"Not only is your product of top quality, your follow-up service is the best in the business. Your way of doing business is TOP OF THE LINE!! There are approximately seven Hydroswing Doors here; I have never had one complaint about any of them. Thanks to your staff for prompt and courteous service after the sale"
Sincerely, Jim Herritt, Ocala, FL
"Installing an overhead door, instead of a Hydroswing door, would have required 2' more ceiling space. Going with 16' walls, rather than 18', almost paid for the door, and the lower walls give us less space to heat. "
Gerald Roberts
"I just wanted to drop you a line and say how pleased I am with our Hydroswing Doors. As the Airport Manager at West Houston Airport, I have had a lot of bad experiences with other door companies. I will encourage new hangar owners to contact you for purchase of a Hydroswing Door and share my excellent experience with them. They work extremely well and you did exactly what you said and delivered them on time."
Woody Lesikar, Houston, TX
"You should be very, very proud of the product you produce. This will be the fourth door we have purchased from your company. We would not buy anything else!!!"
Scott Heinen, Heinen Brothers
"We took delivery of a new MCI, motor coach. Overall height of the coach was 11 ft, 10 in - the same height as the original door opening. The only way the coach would fit was to lower the suspension. With the fear of potentially damaging the coach, or the building, the decision was made to purchase the Hydroswing door from your company. With the help of a local carpenter, we were able to raise the header to an inside clear height of 13 feet and the door tip height to 12 ft. 8 in. Most of the installation work was done ourselves and the door is simple, reliable and very weather tight. I would recommend this door to anyone, especially if you want to bring new life to older lower height shed doors." Paul Babler, Babler Bus Service, Inc "It's the first thing I've bought that was easy to install, fit perfectly and just plain works."
Korey Hake, Radcliffe, IA
"It is my pleasure to thank you for a top quality product that has proven to be everything I had ordered. When we lifted the door and frame into place, it had to be placed very careful since it filled the rough opening without any waste of space and 'fit like a glove', just as you said it would. I painted it white and am still installing the Macrolux 'greenhouse panels' on it. The door operates smoothly and will always be an asset to my building."
Gerald A. Hawks, Canby, OR
"Great Product. Great People."
Dick Fox, Fayetteville, NC
"I really want to let you know how helpful the truck driver was. He helped unload the doors and told of delivering doors to many satisfied Hydroswing customers. He is a real positive ambassador for Hydroswing. I'll send pictures when all installed. Everybody at Hydroswing has been a delight to work with."
Thanks so much, Steve Williams
"We have had a Hydroswing door on our 3rd building for almost a year now & remain very pleased with it. Our previous doors did not work as well - or as fast (27 seconds for the 42" x 12" Hydroswing), nor did they seal as well! The Hydroswing folks have always been very phone friendly and willing to help troubleshoot problems or questions I had about the door. I installed the Hydroswing door itself (i.e., excluding the insulation & sheet metal) with just my wife & a friend on a rented forklift to help; it was the largest single structure I have ever put up on my own without professional help and, although a bit intimidating early on, the entire process went like clockwork."
Michael Trusty, Oklahoma


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