An Obsolete Hangar Door Doesn’t Mean an Obsolete Hangar

In many instances the useful service life of a hangar is defined by the economic viability of replacing a malfunctioning or out-of-date bifold or roller door. Today in aviation, the value proposition is extremely important when balancing the choice of a new build or the retrofit of an older structure. The frame of the hangar may live for many years, so there’s no reason the hangar door can’t produce the same structural stability and longevity. The addition of a new Hydroswing hydraulic door transforms your hangar and extends the life of your building.

Failed bifold is being cut up getting ready for a new Hydroswing door

Hydroswing is constantly bringing new life to perfectly good but aged, airfield and privately owned hangars. By removing the old and obsolete rolling sectionals or a potentially dangerous bifold door and replacing it with the simple, pre hung single panel Hydroswing® hangar door, the hangar is revitalized at a fraction of the cost of a new build. With no impact to the existing building structure, easy installation (usually only one day), very low maintenance costs, increased overhead space and  70% fewer moving parts than most aircraft hangar doors, Hydroswing is quickly becoming the number one replacement door in the world.

Delivered hung in its own frame the Hydroswing® hydraulic door is easy to retro fit or install in a new build.

Dust is a constant enemy to systems in aviation and industry. Old and outdated doors that have issues with sealing correctly causing a negative impact on the hangar as whole. Retrofitting an existing structure with the modern, sophisticated and almost 100% sealable Hydroswing® dramatically reduces dust content, allowing aircraft owners, MRO and service center operations to update ailing hangars. The Hydroswing creates a well-sealed and protected aircraft space, especially in desert or high wind borne debris environments.


You won’t lose head room either, the Hydroswing door is extremely space efficient!

Hangars are large spaces to heat or cool and temperature loss via existing damaged or aged bifold sections are inefficiencies that can be addressed simply by replacing the door. In addition, Hydroswing can easily clad or treat the new hydraulic door with exactly the same thermal properties as the rest of your building, especially important when calculating cost of ownership and in life ownership service costs of the overall structure.

 Glass clad Hydroswing® door next to a fabric curtain door

Even when the building is replaced, the Hydroswing® can be unbolted and refitted to a new build easily with minimal effort. The Hydroswing® is truly, “restoration door hardware” for existing hangars. With a Hydroswing, your hangar is never obsolete. Don’t be defined by your old door, fit a Hydroswing® single panel hangar door to your facility today. Strong, secure, powerful, with minimal in life service costs and “touch of a button” ease of opening, the Hydroswing makes any hangar modern. When looking at the costs associated with hangar ownership, “re dooring” your existing hangar with a state-of-the-art hydraulic door may be the best option. Hydroswing is the original and still best hydraulic hangar door on the market.










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