Bye, Bye Bi-fold… Hello Hydraulic Door

We live in a culture of technology. Things change in the blink of an eye. Everything becomes more efficient, either sooner or later. Cassettes became CDs, VHS videos became DVDs, so it only makes sense that hangar doors, agriculture doors and architectural doors should follow suit… so in a world of “what’s the best way to build,” it won’t be long before bi-fold doors will take a backseat to hydraulic doors.  In the long run, simpler is always better, and when it comes to doors, less is more.
The bi-fold door filled a need when it was first introduced to the market. It was the only game in town and seemed the logical choice for anyone looking for a door for their facility or hangar. There weren’t other options available so everyone got acclimated to using them. Well, times have changed and technology has improved, and now the bi-fold doesn’t seem to make much sense.  It’s time to say “Bye Bye to the Bi-fold!”  And here’s why:

Top 5 Disadvantages of Bi-fold Doors:
1. Lots of moving parts, which means a lot of maintenance.

2. The pulleys and drive chains are exposed to the stress of constant movement and run the risk of slipping out or breaking down.

3. The awkward fold, with its pulleys and straps, are cumbersome and quickly becoming a thing of the past.

4. One of the main concerns for both pilots and farmers is being able to utilize a maximum amount of overhead space in their hangar or barn. Bi-fold doors will require at least 24” of clearance just to sit in the rough opening, thereby increasing the height of any new builds or add-ons, usually all the around the hangar height.

5. They are limited in their capacity to carry cladding or finishes with little overall structural integrity.

Enter hydraulic doors… the stronger, safer, one-piece system that boasts 70% less moving parts. And, now that companies like Hydroswing® Hydraulic Doors are matching the bi-fold pricing dollar for dollar on hydraulic hangar doors, agricultural doors and architectural doors, why would you want to deal with tracks, casters and pulleys? Say hello to hydraulic doors! And here’s why:

Top 5 Advantages of Hydraulic Doors:
1. Deliver max opening width and height while reducing your overall build costs without

2. 70% less moving parts than a bi-fold door and 50% less moving parts than sectional, bottom rolling, roller, top hung, fabric or standard sectional overhead.

3. When considering servicing and cost of ownership, Hydroswing® Hydraulic Door is the best value door product on the market with the lowest in life service cost of any large door competitor

4. When building new, hydraulic doors require less building height.

5. Price. Price. Price. Dollar for dollar, the Hydroswing® Hydraulic Door is just as cost effective as a bi-fold.

So step into the future and say “bye bye to bi-fold” and hello to hydraulic. Replace your old bi-fold and upgrade to the superior technology of a Hydroswing® Hydraulic Door. It won’t be long before progress is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

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