The Future of Mining Machinery is Looking Bright and Hydroswing Will Be There

Heavy machinery is synonymous with mining. It’s used in every aspect of the sector from exploration and development of sites to break down and removal of rocks to processing and reclamation. The total number of mines in world is upwards of 25,000 producing industrial minerals and almost 100,000 quarries that produce aggregates used in the construction sector. Regardless of those impressive numbers, mining equipment manufacturers have had some fairly substantial ups and downs over the last several years. In the recent past, the trend was towards decline, but it looks like the market is about to change.  

 The major mining machinery manufacturers that took some huge revenue hits last year are cheering the upbeat forecast. According to a study by the industry market research firm, The Freedonia Group, growth in this sector is about to blossom.  The study they conducted predicts that “global demand for mining machinery is forecast to expand 8.6% per year through 2017 to USD $135 billion.” And that’s good news for everyone.

The study goes on “to highlight the Asia Pacific region and both Central and South America as the fastest growing markets for mining equipment.”  According to an article recently published on the Pit & Quarry website: “The study also forecasts strong gains in South America, as mining companies look to develop the region’s sizable deposits of bauxite, copper and iron ore. The dissipation of copper oversupply issues that existed in 2012 and 2013 will allow prices to recover and boost associated mining equipment demand in areas rich in copper, such as Chile and Peru. The Africa/Mideast region will post the next fastest advances, followed by Eastern and Western Europe and North America.”


Steel and aluminum production has also seen growth so the demand for metals mining equipment is keeping pace. Studies show this sector of mining will rise at the fastest pace over the next three years. In addition, construction spending is increasing and global agriculture output is on the rise. Therefore, it will be important that mining equipment manufacturers and all the vendors that work within this sector keep step. Hydroswing® plans to march to the front of the line.

Ironically, the process which is powering the USA and many other parts of the world’s mining, exploration and heavy plant machinery along is a hydraulic process is called “Hydraulic fracturing.” This “fracturing” has made it possible to tap in and release huge oil, gas and other valuable reserves. The shale oil industry has seen the growth of machinery for this sector in both size and numbers, all of which are dependent on hydraulics for power, strength and load bearing.


The use of hydraulics is nothing new to the mining sector. The technology is a standard consideration in their processes. Understanding the magnitude of the market, mining is quickly becoming a strong focus for Hydroswing®. Large and extra large hydraulic doors are making an impact in the marketplace for storage and maintenance of heavy machinery. With Hydroswing®, mining equipment manufacturers can easily house bulldozers, grading equipment, drilling rigs, the latest CAT tippers and a plethora of other machinery in easy-to-access sheds, and ISO shipping container shelters with openings which easily accommodate the latest CAT/TEREX/DEERE/KOMATSU/JCB and SANDVIG machinery.  With 70% less moving parts than a bifold door and enormous strength, the Hydroswing® hydraulic door is a simple and cost effective solution that will successfully fit into the ever growing demand in the mining sector. Hydraulics are well known to the mining industry and now mining door systems are following suit.


The Original Hydroswing - Still the First, Still the Best

"Original" is defined as "present or existing from the beginning; first or earliest." and "something serving as a model or basis for imitations or copies." In the world of hydraulic doors, original can simply be defined as "Hydroswing." Since its creation in 1996, the Hydroswing® has been the benchmark for single panel hydraulic door systems. With necessity being the mother of invention, it was only a matter of time before bifold and roller doors would be eclipsed by hydraulics, a more efficient option for aviation, agriculture and architecture sectors. Hydroswing® brought the revolution and continues to be the leader.


Being the original hydraulic door manufacturer, we have always had an outstanding product. Nonetheless, we had a few stumbling blocks in our early production structure and knew we had to make some changes and come to our buyers more cost effectively. Hydroswing® is now being manufactured in ISO 9001 approved global manufacturing plants allowing for a 25+% price cost reduction in the final product. We are hitting the market again with the original high quality hydraulic doors, but at a bifold price, square foot for square foot. We are changing the dynamics of the marketplace.

Hydroswing® door copies, usually offered by bifold manufacturers, are popping up regularly. But, keep in mind that if you're not buying directly from Hydroswing®, it's NOT a Hydroswing®. Currently, we are the only distributor of the original Hydroswing®, and anything else is just a knock-off. Look for our "H" logo... if you don't find it, it's not ours.


We'll custom manufacture a door in any size as large as 40' tall and 150' wide. Our customers are choosing the Hydroswing® door for security, wind load strength, and overall building use and efficiency.


More Originals to Come...

The fact that the Hydroswing® Door is pre hung in its very own load bearing frame, allowed for an evolution. Following many requests for the growing use of ISO shipping containers for architecture, military and commercial industries, the patent pending "plug and play" door for ISO Containers emerged. The ISO DOOR™ simply locks onto the side, ends or links between side or ends of the the ISO shipping container utilizing the ISO "tandelock" quick attach. This is the "missing link" for container shelter doors for mining and military operations as well as many other industries. It also allows instant re-purposing of the old shipping container and effective building of shipping container shelters of any size. With Hydroswing® providing a superior door solution, there are now endless possibilities for mobile shelters for UAV's, mining, exploration equipment and disaster relief operations.


The original Hydroswing® product now serves many sectors and sizes. A growing number of door problems are solved with simple, efficient and strong product. The design team is now located in various countries, all with valuable input to the Hydroswing® brand. Building on 10+ years of design and engineering expertise from the USA, Hydroswing® continues to bring the hydraulic overhead to the next generation.

Hydroswing... The Industrial Process Problem Solver

hydroswing industrial door

hydroswing industrial door

hydroswing industrial door

Hydroswing®... The Industrial Process Problem Solver!

What you need when you make Big Stuff!... Big stuff into the building... Even Bigger out... without taking the doors off, either way, you win with Hydroswing®


When the needs of an oil platform manufacturer exceed the size of the doors available for their industrial process... who did they call... Hydroswing®... The worlds largest producer of single panel hydraulic doors... HEEREMA, world renowned for fabrication of large and complex structures for the offshore oil, gas & energy related sectors, needed a solution... big stuff in... big stuff out, so they contacted Hydroswing® in the United Kingdom, for the solution for their latest addition to their Hartlepool facility in the north of England and purchased a 115’(35m) x 20’(6m) Hydroswing®.


Hydroswing® has provided Airbus in the United Kingdom with a solution for the A380 wing section paint booth. Now Hydroswing® has produced the largest single panel hydraulic door in Europe for the fabrication of oil platforms.


Existing door systems continue to restrict a buildings industrial efficiency. The Hydroswing® provides industrial buildings with the ability to overcome those time and space issues. The modern industrial process requires boundaries to be broken and exceeded so as to allow competitive performance in fabrication and delivery. Using a Hydroswing® as a moving wall allows enhanced building efficiency (EBE) in the manufacturing process and releases users and early adopters to drastically reduce their time and space costs.


Hydroswing® is breaking down the traditional thinking about the way buildings should interact between the outside and inside.With massive opening capacity, pre hung for ease of install and almost 100% seal-ability, we can expand the envelope of manufacturing buildings and our efficiency creates a very short time to return on investment (ROI).


"We are proud as a company to be breaking new ground for industry and exceeding our traditional sectors of aviation and agriculture" states Marshal Parker, creator and owner of the Hydroswing® single panel hydraulic door brand, "it’s an incredible thing to have everyone from 20’(6m) wide to 150’(45m) wide covered, liberating traditional buildings to greater efficiency." We appreciate the opportunity Heerema presented and look forward to working on many interesting projects worldwide in the industrial sector.


If you have an industrial challenge, or your process needs solving, contact Hydroswing®, we have you covered!

Efficiency in Agriculture - Hydraulic Doors Keeping Pace with Technology

There was a time when oxen and horses were used for power, basic wooden plows tilled the fields, all sowing was done by hand, cultivating was done by hoe, and hay and grain was cut with sickles. By 1837, John Deere and Leonard Andrus began manufacturing steel plows and a practical threshing machine was patented. The first gasoline tractor was built by John Froelich 1892 and the first commercially successful (gasoline-powered) general purpose tractor in was in production.



From 1920-1940, farm production made large strides. The use of mechanized power expanded and by the 50’s the number of tractors on farms finally exceeded the number horses and mules for the first time. The 60’s saw 96% of cotton harvested mechanically, and the 70’s and 80’s brought self-propelled combines, and more efficient equipment. By the 90’s, farmers were using satellite technology to track and plan their farming practices. The new millennium has advanced agricultural technology to an even further by introducing smart phones, tablets and portable computers to the cabs of tractors, trucks and combines. It’s a new world for farmers.


Over the past century, agriculture has been strongly influenced by enhanced mechanization, but even more so by how humans operate those machines. Though the fundamentals of agricultural machinery are basically the same, the technology, size, scope and capabilities have evolved dramatically. Keeping pace with the changes is how farmers “house” their equipment.  Over the last decade the single panel hydraulic agricultural door has become the “door of choice” for farmers across the country. Doors for agriculture machine sheds and doors for barns are transitioning from roller, slider and bi-fold doors towards the superior technology of the hydraulic door.



Strong and well sealed, the hydraulic door is easy to install on pole barns, post & frame buildings and pre engineered steel buildings. The Hydroswing® agricultural door can be found on thousands of farms across the country and is taking its place among the farming world’s technological advances.  Hydroswing hydraulic doors are also an easy way for farmers to enlarge existing openings in sheds and barns.

Door markets in the United States are keeping pace with modern technology and have started to move toward efficiency and “in life” service cost. Reduced pricing and quality workmanship are quickly making hydraulic doors one of the many advances that simplify and improve agriculture.


Bye, Bye Bi-fold… Hello Hydraulic Door

We live in a culture of technology. Things change in the blink of an eye. Everything becomes more efficient, either sooner or later. Cassettes became CDs, VHS videos became DVDs, so it only makes sense that hangar doors, agriculture doors and architectural doors should follow suit… so in a world of “what’s the best way to build,” it won’t be long before bi-fold doors will take a backseat to hydraulic doors.  In the long run, simpler is always better, and when it comes to doors, less is more.
The bi-fold door filled a need when it was first introduced to the market. It was the only game in town and seemed the logical choice for anyone looking for a door for their facility or hangar. There weren’t other options available so everyone got acclimated to using them. Well, times have changed and technology has improved, and now the bi-fold doesn’t seem to make much sense.  It’s time to say “Bye Bye to the Bi-fold!”  And here’s why:

Top 5 Disadvantages of Bi-fold Doors:
1. Lots of moving parts, which means a lot of maintenance.

2. The pulleys and drive chains are exposed to the stress of constant movement and run the risk of slipping out or breaking down.

3. The awkward fold, with its pulleys and straps, are cumbersome and quickly becoming a thing of the past.

4. One of the main concerns for both pilots and farmers is being able to utilize a maximum amount of overhead space in their hangar or barn. Bi-fold doors will require at least 24” of clearance just to sit in the rough opening, thereby increasing the height of any new builds or add-ons, usually all the around the hangar height.

5. They are limited in their capacity to carry cladding or finishes with little overall structural integrity.

Enter hydraulic doors… the stronger, safer, one-piece system that boasts 70% less moving parts. And, now that companies like Hydroswing® Hydraulic Doors are matching the bi-fold pricing dollar for dollar on hydraulic hangar doors, agricultural doors and architectural doors, why would you want to deal with tracks, casters and pulleys? Say hello to hydraulic doors! And here’s why:

Top 5 Advantages of Hydraulic Doors:
1. Deliver max opening width and height while reducing your overall build costs without

2. 70% less moving parts than a bi-fold door and 50% less moving parts than sectional, bottom rolling, roller, top hung, fabric or standard sectional overhead.

3. When considering servicing and cost of ownership, Hydroswing® Hydraulic Door is the best value door product on the market with the lowest in life service cost of any large door competitor

4. When building new, hydraulic doors require less building height.

5. Price. Price. Price. Dollar for dollar, the Hydroswing® Hydraulic Door is just as cost effective as a bi-fold.

So step into the future and say “bye bye to bi-fold” and hello to hydraulic. Replace your old bi-fold and upgrade to the superior technology of a Hydroswing® Hydraulic Door. It won’t be long before progress is no longer a choice, but a necessity.