about hydroswing hydraulic doors

Hydroswing® Doors is the world’s foremost single panel hydraulic door system, now manufactured in several ISO 9001 approved facilities, worldwide.

With origins in manufacturing agriculture doors for the mid west of the USA, where strength, reliability and weatherproofing brought about the very first examples of the Hydroswing® overhead door. The hydraulic overhead door has grown to its current size and capability in the large door market. Investment in engineering, design software (Solidworks) and 7,000 Hydroswing® units sold to date, with stringent US and European quality control systems, ensure the highest standards at the best value.

Manufacturing the steel frame of the hydraulic door from many locations is now possible, reducing delivery cost to the end user as fuel and steel prices continue to grow. Our hangar doors are now produced in several locations worldwide, including the USA, Mexico, Canada & the United Kingdom under inspection procedures by Hydroswing® staff.


Hydroswing® Hydraulic Doors cover all sectors from agriculture doors, to aircraft hangar doors, military facilities, to special solution products such as tank covers and bio mass plants. And now, The ISO CONTAINER DOOR, a fully plug and play hydraulically operated shipping container door. Additional sectors include, mining and Liquid Natural Gas facility doors with extreme wind loading up to 200MPH, Military use and dust sensitive drone hangars.

The growth of the executive jet market such as Global Express and Gulfstream has helped the Hydroswing® hydraulic door grow to its new maximum size point of 150ft x 40ft. Customers are choosing the Hydroswing® door for security, wind load strength, and overall building use and efficiency.

Hydroswing® has become the solution for gantry crane buildings, mining industry, “tall and thin” doors, ship yard building, bio mass installations, Industrial doors where previous door types have restricted manufacturing time and space efficiency. Paint booth solutions such as the Airbus A380 wing paint booth in North Wales, United Kingdom. Hydroswing® was selected to replace a difficult to maintain roller door on the largest paint booth in Europe. The hydraulic door seals like no other, Tensile building structures have utilized the Hydroswing® Door's pre hung frame to provide strong and secure door solutions. Hydraulic doors offer greater protection than fabric curtain doors. Pole barns and agriculture post frame buildings are well established sectors for the Hydroswing® single panel door system.


The single panel hydraulic door market is beginning to mature. With new developments to improve efficiency and lower costs for large hydraulic doors in the traditional sectors of aviation hangars and agriculture machine sheds.

Door markets in the United States have started to move toward efficiency and 'in life' service cost. In many cases, we've seen the hydraulic door as the way forward over bi-fold doors and other less efficient roller door systems. With many of the US based bifold door manufacturers now having to offer up their own version of a single panel hydraulic door in order to compete with the Hydroswing® brand.

Hydroswing® outgrew its original location for manufacture in Cottonwood, MN. As fuel prices, steel prices and distance to emerging markets around the world opened up, the value from this remote location to the rest of the world could not be delivered effectively as volume increased. Since a major reorganization and redevelopment of the product in 2010, the fabrication model, design and marketing of the Hydroswing® door has found its way to effective worldwide delivery and cost efficiency.

All Hydroswing® doors are fabricated in ISO 9001 approved facilities, with each facility stringently audited for welding and quality assurance. The hydraulic components are sourced centrally in the United States for continuous quality and supply chain integrity.


The Hydroswing® product now serves many sectors and sizes. A growing number of door problems are solved with this simple, efficient and strong product. The design team is now located in various countries, all with valuable input to the Hydroswing® brand. Building on 10+ years of design and engineering expertise from the USA, Hydroswing® continues to bring the hydraulic overhead to the next generation.


After a difficult period of reorganization, Hydroswing® has continued outside of the USA to develop and define the product. The brand is proud to be both in the USA and now locations in the rest of the world. For your specific region please contact us and we look forward to hearing from you wherever you are and whatever requirement you have for the Hydroswing® door.

The Hydroswing® single panel hydraulic door continues to evolve, through design, sales, customer feedback and limitless applications.