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about hydroswing hydraulic doors

The Hydroswing® Door is the world’s foremost single panel hydraulic door system, manufactured in several ISO 9001/AWS D1.1 facilities.

Our origins are in manufacturing agriculture doors from the Midwest of the USA, where strength, reliability and weatherproofing brought about the very first examples of the Hydroswing® overhead door.

The hydraulic overhead door has grown to its current size and capability to become a leader in the large door market. Investment in engineering, design software (Solidworks) and 7,000 Hydroswing® units sold to date, we operate within stringent US and European quality control systems to ensure the highest standards at the best value.

It's now possible to manufacture the steel frame of our hydraulic doors in many locations. This reduces the delivery cost to the end user even while steel and fuel prices increase. Our hangar doors are now produced in several locations worldwide, including the USA, Mexico, Canada & the United Kingdom under inspection procedures by Hydroswing® staff.

We proudly have over 7,000 doors in service world wide!