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Hydraulic Door Tech & FAQs
Hydraulic Doors, what they do for you
Why choose Hydroswing®
Learn and understand just how hydraulic doors work. Discover their strength, size and ease of install. Download technical specification including wind loadings. VIEW PDF....
industrial & mining
ISO containers
hatches & covers

• Deliver max opening width and height while reducing your overall build costs without compromise to treatment or finish

• 70% less moving parts than a Bifold door and 50% less moving parts than sectional, bottom rolling, or roller doors

• Can cover all major climatic zones 90MPH as standard, Florida 140MPH on request and up to 200MPH

• When in life servicing and cost of ownership considered the Hydroswing® door is the best value door product on the market

• When building new, the Hydroswing® hydraulic door requires less building height unlike other space hungry doors

• The confidence in simplicity, reliability and shear strength

• Over 7,000 Hydroswing® doors in service worldwide with proven applications and market sectors

• Every Hydroswing® overhead door has a unique full drawing pack and spec for future reference and traceability of parts

• Primed as standard in the industry leading Carboguard™ primer paint

Hydroswing® Doors are not manufactured by any other door manufacturer, if it’s not FROM Hydroswing®... Its NOT a Hydroswing®!

The Hydroswing® door is the original and leading single panel hydraulic door for aircraft hangar doors, agricultural, commercial, industrial and architectural doors.

The Hydroswing® single panel hydraulic door system covers sizes from 10’ wide to 150’ wide and up to 40’ tall. Combining single panel hydraulic door strength and security with ease and reduced cost of maintenance.

The Hydroswing® Hydraulic Door can be copied but can never be beat. We have over 7,000 units in service world wide, with over 1,100 Hydroswing aircraft hangar doors in Florida alone. Hydroswing® is the door replacing the Bi-fold in many retro and refurbishment hangar projects.

The Hydroswing® door easily retro fits to replace the Bifold, stacker, bottom rolling, top hung and sectional panel hangar doors, along with an easy choice for the new build in all the main building types of post and frame, steel (PEB), portal frame, stick, tensile, none structural and now easily to the ISO shipping container shelters and conversions with the addition of the ISODOOR™ hydraulic door system for the ISO shipping container and shelter markets.

See building compatibility section (Button/link) to see how easy a retro fit and replacement door project is with the Hydroswing® door's pre hung single panel door system, or simply check that the building manufacturer you are working with is on our list...

The Hydroswing® Hydraulic Doors is still the original and only fully engineered, ISO 9001 built single panel hydraulic door system available today, in several regions around the world including the United States of America.